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Grazing Tables

Flat Lay Grazing Tables

With our flat lay grazing tables, this is a great option to choose to add a "finishing touch" to your occasion. It comes with an assortment of gourmet cheese selections, different kinds of cured meat, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, and other charcuterie items such as dips, jams, bread, crackers, and other custom items to go with your event! Having our flat lay grazing tables is perfect for any event such as parties, gatherings, weddings, wine events, and basically any type of celebration.


More info:
We do not provide the tables. Any flat surface wherever your location may be works! ( Ex. Countertops, islands, etc.) 
All grazing table includes the labor, food, napkins, plates, and serving utensils. We do not provide clean-up on flat-lay grazing table packages.
We strongly recommend and ask that your table be indoors during hot weather.

When booking:
We recommend at least a two-week notice when booking a grazing table. To receive a quote details of your event must include the following: the day and time of the event, the location of the event, how many people and the option that is chosen (appetizers or main meal), and the type of the event. Other information and details will be discussed through email or any other type of communication.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with

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